diy drum shade

diy drum shade

This is a project I did to fix up the lighting fixtures in our old house. Thanks to the wonderful pinterest I found some inspiration right before I had a bunch of people over. It’s a diy drum shade that you can place right over the fixture’s base. I got tons of compliments! What do you think?


It was actually really easy to do and only took about an hour for two. All I needed was:

  • fabric
  • two wooden embroidery hoops
  • hot glue
  • poster board
  • eye screws

I found the tutorial here. I did do a few things differently though. First off, I didn’t use ribbon or make a diffuser. I just glued the fabric to the inside of the embroidery hoop and for the diffuser I just glued a thin muslin over the other embroidery hoop. You may want to use the diffuser if you plan on using the fixture a lot. We don’t use ours too much.


Have fun!