My name is Alanna and I enjoy my days with my husband Joshua, our dog Stella, and our cat Lando. I love camping/hiking, just being outdoors, photography, crafting, sewing, cooking, designing, traveling, and talking. I’m a wife, glitter lover, monogram nut, avid Pinterest Pinner, dog person, foodie, and a tiny bit of a hoarder (I keep my junk organized, though). I’m a big believer in fresh air, freshly baked… well anything, dressing up, creating things, dinosaurs, and manners. I’m a delightfully strange mix of tomboy and girly girl, and I love expressing that. I am also a huge fan of the Pacific Northwest and, halfway across the country, the city of New Orleans!

 This ridiculously handsome man is my husband, Joshua. We have been together for over 8 years and just got married on March 1st, 2014! He is the love of my life, best friend, and an amazing human being.


This adorable little scruffle mutt is our 8 year old terrier mix Stella Marie. My father actually found her at a gas station! She is the sweetest pup on the planet. She loves whipped cream, curling up on the couch on her pillow, and out-running every dog in the dog park.


This little guy is the newest addition to our family, Lando Guster. We rescued him from our attic after he had been abandoned by is mom. Right now he his 4 weeks old and loves waking us up at 4 o’clock in the morning to be bottle fed. He also loves wrestling your hands and feet.



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