last minute gifts for campers

last minute gifts for campers

Last Minute Gifts for Campers

The perfect gift for the campers who love to bring their kitchen outside and need help with the clean up.

Kelty Camp Chair
The chair that’s missing something and for a good reason. Clearly this chair is missing its legs which makes it ideal for setting up in a tent. Essential for that much needed back support while you’re reading a book by headlamp.

Compact gear is every camper’s best friend. This super compact, super absorbent camp towel is a necessity for every damp camper out there.

Another compact little guy to save room in the toiletry bag. The TOOB tooth brush is a toothbrush and toothpaste all in one, it also comes with a cover for the brush. It’s something they can leave in their camping bag so they never forget those super important teeth cleaning essentials again.

A top rated book perfect for that camper who already has all the latest and greatest gear. Full of tips and tricks, they are sure to learn something they never knew about camping before.

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