midweek musings 8/7

midweek musings 8/7


photo by: Olivia Henry
photo by: Olivia Henry

Is it hot where you are? It is here, and I have had a childlike craving for popsicles! (I would also like to imagine that the above picture was taken on a cool breezy shore) Here are 10 homemade popsicle recipes to try. Comment below and let me know which one you picked.

Did you know our four-legged family members have a carbon footprint too? Obviously it’s not as heavy as ours can get, but here are some tips for reducing their carbon “paw prints” if you will (I know, I know, bad joke. Sorry, I couldn’t resist).

We have been dying to go on vacation for a while now. Whenever we finally have the time we’ll go to one of these gorgeous places. All 29 are in the U.S. too. Have you ever been to any?

So while you are visiting one of the above places you should make a couple picnic sandwiches to take for you and a loved one.

Finally, want to smile?

Keep having a great week!


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