midweek musings 7/30

midweek musings 7/30

photo by Paul E Harrer

I have always wanted to try my hand at cheese making, so I can’t wait for this DIY cheese kit to come in.

Food Forward is a volunteer run organization that collects excess fresh produce from local residents and farmers markets and donates it to those in need. Based out of and operating mainly in California, if you can’t help out with your time you can always purchase something from their online shop. I know I’ve got my eye on the Fruitanthropy Grapefruit + Fig Candle.

How neat would this be to make?!

Do you have dandruff? I do 😦 Apparently if you crush 2 tablets and mix with your regular shampoo (because let’s face it, dandruff shampoo is just boring to buy and never smells fun) the salicylic acid helps with those pesky itchy flakes. I’m going to try it at some point this week. Give it a try and tell me how it worked!

The new little addition to our family, Lando, is growing so quickly we can barely keep up. He is still a kitten though, and naturally does the most adorable things all day, but lately his favorite thing to do is text. That’s right, text. Here is an example of a text he sent (yes, he can send them too) to my brother-in-law: juyfjyfhtcthxhtdh
(For updates on Lando and Stella cuteness, follow me on Instagram)

Finally, one of my favorite quotes: “If you’re afraid of butter, use cream.” -Julia Child

Keep having a great week!


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